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Helping your business to

save more efficient.deliver on time.

Make and Supply is a niche consultancy with a difference. With over 20 years experience we keep things simple and deliver sustainable results for you. Clear up-front pricing and full transparency.

We are launching our offering over the coming weeks so check back to find out the latest information on what we offer.


Supply Chain

Making sure you have a fine balance of the right stock in the right place is key to making sure you can fulfil your customer orders.


eCommerce Fulfilment

As your business grows we can help you outsource the daily grind of picking, packing and shipping to free you up for more valuable activities.



Whether you are looking to sub-contract, bring in-house, need help to redesign a product we can help with all aspects of manufacturing and design for manufacturing.


sourcing made easy.

We have launched our first service offering which is sourcing. Need help finding a supplier for your products? See how we can help you. Sourcing is not only looking at the lowest cost its a delicate balance between cost, quality and delivery.

what we do.

New Supplier Selection

Do you have a new product that you are looking for a supplier. We can source from UK, EU or ASIA on your behalf. We can source individual items or full bills of materials (BOMs)

NDA & Confidentiality

If required we can create white-labelled drawings and specifications of your product so that potential suppliers will not know your identity.

Re-shoring to UK

Do you currently source from ASIA / EU and looking to reshore back to the UK - we can help get the right suppliers that can help


Are you looking to make your product more sustainable. We can help ways to design sustainable materials and working methods into the sourcing of your product.

our process.


In the first stage we need to gather a specification of your requirements. When you sign up you will receive a link with a short form to complete electronically. Once complete we will start on stage 2.


In this stage we prepare all the documents for sourcing. This includes creating any drawings if required and we start to source potential suppliers. At this stage we will share with you the documents for approval.


This is where we work our magic and work to get you the best options and prices for your product according to your need. If required we will obtain samples as part of the approval process.

Summary & Conclusion

Finally we will review all the quotes we have obtained and provide a full summary report with our recommendation. You will get all details of the suppliers we have received quotes from.

our prices.

All prices subject to VAT.


  • A great way to try our service for one of your products.
  • Allows you to see the potential savings with no commitment
  • Includes full sourcing process
  • NDA Included for all Suppliers
  • Drawing created at £25 each extra


  • Great if you have several items which are of the same category (i.e. all wood or metal)
  • Includes full sourcing process
  • NDA Included for all Suppliers
  • Drawings created at £25 each extra


  • For the more complex products where there are several items of different categories
  • Includes full sourcing process
  • NDA Included for all Suppliers
  • Drawings created at £25 each extra